Brooke Campbell


Position: Research Fellow
Office: UOW Innovation Campus, ITAMS Building 233
Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS), University of Wollongong, NSW, 2522, Australia


Brooke is an interdisciplinary Research Fellow in Fisheries Governance Research Programme, led by A/P Quentin Hanich. She joins ANCORS from the UBC Fisheries Centre in Vancouver, Canada, where she has both worked and studied. She has also been involved with the Dalhousie Marine Affairs Program in Halifax, Canada and the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism Secretariat in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Brooke has been engaged in a diverse range of international research, natural resource management, policy and capacity development projects in marine fisheries and aquaculture in the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, and North America. Her work has given her the privilege and the opportunity to communicate with a wide range of fisheries and marine resource stakeholders as well as to develop strong international networks and a broad understanding of socio-ecological, research, policy and governance environments around the world. 

Brooke is currently engaged in research activities that span scales of governance, from international fisheries burden and benefit sharing to community-based fisheries management.

She also guest lectures in ANCORS’ fisheries management short courses and in the School of Biological Sciences.

Research interests:

  • Transboundary conservation, management, and governance strategies for shared natural resource use
  • Cross-cutting themes in sustainable renewable resource management
  • Integrated strategies for small island and remote area resource management, development, and adaptation
  • Participatory approaches to research, decision-making, management, and learning
  • Food and livelihood security dimensions of shared natural resource use


  • Improving Community-Based Fisheries Management in Pacific Island countries (CBFM): Collaboration with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, WorldFish, Kiribati Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Development. Funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.
  • Further analysis and assessment of options for improving the capacity of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesia, on a range of capacity needs (David and Lucille Packard Foundation)
  • Sustainable seascapes: Integrated approaches to enhancing marine and coastal governance in Niue (UoW Global Challenges)
  • Fish, food security and combating obesity and diet related disease in Pacific Island countries (UoW Global Challenges)

Selected Publications:

Journal Articles

Charlton, K.E., Russell, J., Gorman, E., Hanich, Q., Delisle, A., Campbell, B. Bell, J. 2016. Fish, food security and health in Pacific Island countries and territories: A systematic literature review. BMC Public Health 16(1): 1-26.

Campbell, B. Hanich, Q., Delisle, A. 2016. Not just a passing FAD: Insights from the use of artisanal fish aggregating devices for food security in Kiribati. Ocean & Coastal Management 119: 38-44.

Hanich, Q., Campbell, B., Bailey, M., Molenaar, E. 2015. Research into fisheries equity and fairness—addressing conservation burden concerns in transboundary fisheries. Marine Policy 51: 302-304. 

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Campbell, B., Hanich, Q. 2015. Principles and practice for the equitable governance of transboundary natural resources: cross-cutting lessons for marine fisheries management. Maritime Studies 14(8).

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Delisle, A., Namakin, B., Uriam, T., Campbell, B, Hanich, Q. 2016. Participatory Diagnosis of coastal fisheries for North Tarawa and Butaritari island communities in the Republic of Kiribati. Program Report 2016-24. WorldFish, Penang.

Campbell, B., Hanich, Q. 2014. Fish for the future: Fisheries development and food security for Kiribati in an era of global climate change. Project Report 2014-47. WorldFish, Penang.

Campbell, B., Singh-Renton, S. 2012. Towards an Ecosystem Approach for Flyingfish Fisheries in the Eastern Caribbean: An Evaluation of Multi-Criteria Analysis as a Tool for Improving Information in Multi-Objective Decision-Making. CRFM Research Paper Collection. Volume 6. Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism, Belize. pp 39-74. 

Campbell, B., Alder, J. 2006. Fishmeal and fish oil: production, trade and consumption, p.47-66. In: Alder, J., Pauly, D. (eds.) On the multiple uses of forage fish: from ecosystems to markets. Fisheries Centre Research Reports 14(3). Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia.

Book Chapters

Campbell, B., Alder, J., Trujillo,P., Pauly, D. 2015. A global analysis of mariculture production and its sustainability, 1950-2030, Chapter 12. In: D. Pauly and D. Zeller (eds.) Atlas of Fisheries Impacts on the World`s Marine Ecosystems, 1950-2010. Island Press, Washington, D.C. 

Ferrier, E., Singh-Renton, S. Campbell, B. (2014). Integrating multiple objectives in fisheries management – a case study application for Eastern Caribbean Flyingfish. In: McConney, P., R. Medeiros and M. Pena. Eds. 2014. Enhancing Stewardship in Small-Scale Fisheries: Practices and Perspectives. Technical Report No. 73. Too Big To Ignore (TBTI) and Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES), The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados. 

Other Publications

Campbell, B. (2015). Sustaining the world’s tuna stocks is a global challenge. UOW Global Challenges Blog post.


Mariculture Production 1950-2010. Sea Around Us project. University of British Columbia. Available online prior to 2015.

Last reviewed: 24 February, 2017