Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources & Security (ANCORS)

Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security

The Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS) is a leading provider of research, education and training, and authoritative policy-related advice on ocean law and governance, maritime security and marine resources management. 


Professor IAN Townsend-Gault gives a seminar in ancors

On 5 December 2013, Professor Ian Townsend-Gault (Director, Centre for Asian Legal Studies, Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia) gave a seminar on cooperation and sharing of offshore oil and gas resources. Professor Townsend-Gault teaches and researches in international law, especially marine resource law, maritime boundaries, maritime cooperation, and the protection of the marine environment. He has acted as a consultant to the United Nations, the Asian Development Bank, and the international development agencies of Canada, Norway, Sweden and Finland, and has advised governments in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe on international legal issues.

ian townsend-gault

A/P ROBIn warner AND pHD CANDIDATE yubing shi INVOLVED in Mangrove regeneration Project in mekong delta

A/P Robin Warner and her PhD student Yubing Shi along with other multi-disciplinary researchers are investigating the potential for mangrove regeneration in Vietnam's Mekong Delta and consequent social and economic benefits. The project will enhance cross disciplinary fertilisation within UOW, across legal, scientific, economic, social policy and geospatial fields and involves senior and early career researchers spanning four UOW Faculties. It has a regional and international dimesion providing scope for significant international and national research and policy outcomes.