ANCORS Research Students 

Indonesia Flag

PhD title: The evolution of Indonesia's maritime policy from independence to the present era; Dynamics of political culture and maritime geography

Elizabeth-Rose AMIDJOGBELiberia Flag_sml
PhD title: First Comes Pre-identification Then Comes Governance: An Analysis of the Impact of the EU IUU Regulations on Fisheries Governance in Impacted Countries

Australian FlagKamal AZMI
PhD title: Incentives for Sustainability: the Allocation of Fishing Rights under Multilateral Arrangements

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Dominique BENZAKEN
PhD title: Implementing a blue economy agenda: from Policy to practice: A case study of implementation in the Seychelles and Indian Ocean Region

Leonardo BERNARDIndonesia Flag
PhD title: Exploring the Relationship between the Exclusive Economic Zone and the Continental Shelf

Brooke CAMPBELLFlag of Canada small
PhD Title: The role of information and communication technologies for fisheries governance in the Western and Central Pacific ocean

Toni CANNARDAustralian Flag
PhD title: Coastal Management: Are Legal Instruments, Processes and Decisions Taking into Account the Triple Bottom Line? 

USA Flag

Nichola CLARK
PhD title: The new international legally binding instrument under UNCLOS: Integrating new structures with existing sectoral management regimes

PhD title:

Ruth DAVISAustralian Flag
PhD title: Legislating for a New Song: Effective Legal Regimes to Support the Coastal Fisheries of the Future

Monte DEPAUNENauru Flag
PhD title:

PhD title: State Securitization under the Law of the Sea Convention

India Flag

Prakash GOPAL
PhD title: Littoral Security: An examination of the concept, and a comparative study of Australian and Indian architectures

Australian Flag

PhD title: Marine Environmental Impact Assessment: Considering Cumulative and Synergistic Impacts within the Australian Legal Framework

PhD title: Marine genetic resources beyond national jurisdiction: an integrated approach to benefit-sharing, conservation and sustainable use

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Constance JOHNSON
PhD title: Challenges and Solutions for the Effective Governance and Regulation of the Southern Oceans Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction

PhD title:

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Justin JONES
PhD title: Australian Defence Policy, Maritime Strategy and the Indian Ocean in the 21st Century 

Indonesia Flag

PhD title: Indonesia: A Long Road for Middle Power to Become a Global Maritime Nexus

Jeremie KALTAVARAVanuatu Flag
PhD title: Examining Coastal Fisheries Management System Changes in Vanuatu: Implications for Livelihood, Resource Management and Governance

Indonesia Flag

PhD title:The Role of Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) in Securing the Sea

Trinidad and Tobago FlagRobert Ulric LEE
PhD title: Building Back Better Fishing Communities after Natural Disasters  

Taiwan FlagYu-Ting (Tiff) LIN
PhD title: The Essence of Taiwan (Republic of China)'s South China Sea Claim: Legal Analysis and State Policy Overview

China Flag

Yulu LIU
PhD title: Establishing Marine Protected Areas in the South China Sea (SCS)-A Way of Enhancing Cooperation among Coastal States

France Flag

PhD title: Defining and Mapping Valuable and Sensitive Marine Environments in the South China Sea

Solomon Islands Flag

Senoveva MAULI
PhD title: Does embedding Community Based Fisheries Management (CBFM) into Rural Development Initiatives lead to an improved, effective and functioning CBM system?

Zaki MUBAROKIndonesia Flag
PhD title: Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing as Transnational Organized Crime: Perspectives of Legal, Policy and Institution of Indonesia

Evelyn Olohirere OGBETANigerian Flag
PhD title: IUU Fishing in West Africa. Impacts and Solutions?

Australian Flag

Genevieve QUIRK
PhD title: How, and with what effects, does the integration of regional oceans governance in Oceania affect the development of new international governance?

USA Flag

Lora L. Nordtvedt REEVE
PhD title: To Take Arms against a Sea of Troubles: A New Strategy for the International Management of Anthropogenic Underwater Noise Pollution in Marine Areas beyond National Jurisdiction

Saeful Akhmad TAULADANIIndonesia Flag
PhD title:

Nigerian FlagItohowo (Itty) Michael TIMOTHY
PhD title:The Limitations of Third Party Maritime Dispute Resolution and the Need for an Alternative Means: A case study of the Nigeria and Cameroon Case

Australian Flag

Candice VISSER
PhD title: The Intersection of Legal Regimes at the Edge of the Continental Shelf 

China Flag

Dazhen (Daisy) ZHANG
PhD title: Strengthening the Regulatory Framework for Marine Environmental Protection of Chinese Islands 

Last reviewed: 16 April, 2019