Dazhen (Daisy) ZHANG

Dazhen (Daisy) Zhang

Phone number: +61 2 4221 5024
Office: Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS),
ITAMS, University of Wollongong, NSW, 2522, Australia    

Degree Program: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 

PhD Thesis Title: Strengthening the Regulatory Framework for Marine Environmental Protection of Chinese Islands 

Professor Warwick Gullett, Dean of Law and Professor at ANCORS
Professor Robin Warner, Professor at ANCORS


Dazhen Zhang holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Shaanxi Normal University which is finished in 2011. She also holds a Master of Laws degree in commercial maritime law from Dalian Maritime University which is finished in 2013 with a coursework overall distinction. Dazhen keeps her legal practice since the beginning of her legal education as a member from SNNU Legal Society and a volunteer from Students’ Legal Aid Centre of DMU later on. During her master study, Dazhen won the Runner-up in the First Dalian Maritime University Maritime Arbitration Competition. 

Research interests:

International marine environmental law, law of the sea, China’s marine legal system 


Zhang, Dazhen, Study on Application of Laws on Foreign-related Personal Casualties of Crewmembers (in Chinese) (Master of Laws Thesis, Dalian Maritime University, 2013)

Zhang, Dazhen, 'A Brief Analysis on the Application of Laws on Foreign-related Personal Casualties of Crewmembers ' (2013) 13 Legal System and Society

Zhang, Dazhen, 'Reflection of the Perfection of China's Legislation of Marine Environmental Protection of Islands and the Surrounding Waters' (2013) 7 Legal System and Society

Last reviewed: 23 March, 2015