Youna LYONS 

Youna Lyons

Phone number: +65 90052437

Degree Program: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)  

PhD Thesis Title: Defining and Mapping Valuable and Sensitive Marine Environments in the South China Sea 

Professor Clive Schofield, Professor and Director of Research at ANCORS
Professor Robin Warner, Professor at ANCORS
Professor Chou Loke Ming, Professor at the National University of Singapore


Youna is a bilingual former French litigator with 12+ years of international practice in Asia and Europe. Passionate about the ocean, Youna later studied marine sciences and holds a Masters in Marine Affairs from the University of Washington. She is currently also pursuing a PhD with ANCORS. 

Youna’s dual expertise in law and marine sciences uniquely position her to integrate these fields for marine policy making purposes and has led her to spearhead and coordinate several multidisciplinary research projects at CIL including: the prospects for re-use of obsolete offshore installations as artificial reefs in Southeast Asia, sensitivity mapping for Singapore in the context of oil spill preparedness and response and the mapping of shallow features in the South China Sea. 

She is bilingual French and English, has worked across Europe, the U.S. and Asia and, besides her Masters in Marine Affairs, holds an LLM and two Bachelors from La Sorbonne respectively in international public and private law and in procedural law. 

Research interests:

Marine environmental law; Offshore oil and gas in Southeast Asia, especially transboundary pollution from offshore activities, offshore decommissioning and the opportunity for rigs to reefs; Use of satellite imagery to inform marine environmental management through habitat mapping and maritime boundary disputes on remote features; Sensitivity mapping for oil spill response and preparedness; Marine spatial planning and integrated coastal management; The protection of marine sensitive environments in the seas of Southeast Asia; Governance and ocean policy in Southeast Asia 


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Last reviewed: 23 October, 2017