Joytishna Raj Jit Joytishna Jit


Degree Program: Doctor of Philosophy

Thesis Title: International and Domestic Regulations for the Protection of Pacific Sea Turtles: Case studies of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, (Queensland) Australia and Fiji

Supervisors: Professor Warwick Gullett and Professor Greg Rose


Policy analyst in the interdisciplinary areas of environment, maritime, coastal and ocean affairs. In 2002, completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Fisheries) at Australian Maritime College with Captain Swanson Award of excellence. Joytishna commenced work at the Pacific inter-governmental institution The University of the South Pacific collaborating on projects with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community and Food and Agriculture Organization. Projects include environmental policy, protected areas management, regional oceans policy, HACCP, aquaculture policy review, fisheries trade and food security, ecotoxicology, maritime and fisheries security and safety, and community-based management. Masters in Arts (Marine Affairs) completed in 2007 while working for the Regional Maritime Programme at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC’s RMP).  SPC’s RMP is the technical implementation agency for United Nations International Maritime Organization treaties in Pacific States. She is currently in the final semester of her doctorate thesis.

Research Interests

Ranging from maritime and fisheries to environmental administration. State implementation, compliance auditing and natural resource management. State implementation of international environmental law, and resolving issues and challenges for developed and developing states, and indigenous communities.


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Last reviewed: 14 September, 2011