Dr Anna Farmery

Anna Farmery profile

Position: UOW Vice Chancellor's Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Phone: 02 4252 8874
Office: UOW Innovation Campus, ITAMS Building 233, Room 211
Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS), University of Wollongong, NSW, 2522, Australia


Anna joined ANCORS in mid-2018 as a Vice Chancellor's Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. She obtained her PhD from the University of Tasmania in 2016 following her research assessing the environmental impacts of seafood products, using lifecycle assessment, and the role of seafood in sustainable diets.

Anna has a background in natural resource management (NRM) and sustainable food systems. She has worked previously as a lecturer in Cambodia and for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development where she managed a project to establish organic agriculture standards for East Africa. More recently, she has worked with the CSIRO on managing seafood supply chains in a changing climate, and with the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) on policy translation, objective setting and reporting for Australian fisheries. Her research with ANCORS will focus on how fisheries governance influences food and nutrition security, using a value chain approach.

Research interests/Areas of expertise:

-Sustainable food and nutrition security
-Seafood governance and trade

Current research projects:

- Managing fishery value chains for food and nutrition security – the role of fisheries governance (Post-doctoral research project)
- Media messages about sustainable seafood: how do media influencers affect consumer attitudes? (FRDC Project 2017- 131)
- The environmental impacts of linking marine and terrestrial food production (The Royal Society: International Exchanges)
- Meeting Sustainability Expectations: Policy Translation, Objective Setting and Reporting for Australian Fisheries (FRDC Project No 2013-204)

Potential topics for HDR & Honours Supervision:

Projects relating to environmental and nutritional performance of seafood

Recent awards and fellowships:

Vice Chancellors Post-doctoral Research Fellowships (2018)

Competitive research funding:

-Dr M Phillipov, Dr A K Farmery, Assoc Prof Fred Gale, ‘Media messages about sustainable seafood: how do media influencers affect consumer attitudes?’ FRDC Project 2017- 131 ($85,550.36) 2018-20
-Dr AK Farmery; Assistant Prof G O’Kane ‘Increasing seafood consumption for optimal health and environmental benefits’. University of Canberra ($10,000) 2017
-Dr AK Farmery; Assistant Prof G O’Kane; Dr BS Green ‘Aligning sustainability and nutrition goals in Australian seafood consumption’ Sustainable Food Flagship of the Institute for the Study of Social Change, UTAS ($6000) 2016
-Dr BS Green; Assoc Prof GT Pecl; Prof SD Frusher; Dr A Hobday; Dr AK Farmery, ‘Growth opportunities and critical elements in the value chain for wild fisheries and aquaculture in a changing climate’ CSIRO-Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation’.     Department of Climate Change, Energy & Efficiency and FRDC: Grant-NCCARF Marine Biodiversity Resources & FRP ($350,000) 2012
-Dr BS Green; Professor C Gardner; Dr S Tracey; Dr K Hartmann; Dr SM Jennings; Professor JG Tisdell; Dr J André; Professor RA Watson; Professor R Hilborn; Dr R Tobin; Dr E Fulton; Professor GA Thomas; Professor P Tyedmers; Dr N Pelletier; Dr Tony Smith; Dr B Molony; -Dr A Tobin; Dr AK Farmery, ‘Putting fisheries in the food bowl’. Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations: Grant-ANNIMS Springboard Program ($299,362) 2011

Professional membership:

Member, Centre for Marine Socioecology at the University of Tasmania

Publications (last 5 years):

Farmery AK, Hendrie, G., O’Kane G, McManus A, Green BS. (2018). Sociodemographic variation in consumption patterns of sustainable and nutritious seafood in Australia. Front.

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Book Chapters:

Hobday AJ, Bustamante RH, Farmery AK, Fleming A, Frusher S, Green BS, Lim-Camacho L, Innes J, Jennings S, Norman-López A. 2014. Growth opportunities for marine fisheries and aquaculture industries in a changing climate. In: Jean P. Palutikof, Sarah L. Boulter, Jon Barnett, David Rissik (eds) Applied Studies in Climate Adaptation. Wiley-Blackwell, pp 139-155. 


Last reviewed: 14 January, 2019