Dr Aurélie Delisle

Dr Aurélie Delisle

Position: Research Fellow 
Phone: +61 (0) 2 4221 4979
Office: UOW Innovation Campus, ITAMS Building 233, Room 205
Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS), University of Wollongong, NSW, 2522, Australia    


Originally from France, Aurélie is an environmental social scientist and economist. She holds a PhD from James Cook University during which she closely worked with remote Torres Strait Islander communities to help sustainably manage their dugong and green turtle fisheries. She has been involved in projects looking at the socio-economic impacts of a range of industries in North Queensland, climate change adaptation projects and a climate change study in the Mekong Region. 

Aurélie joined ANCORS in March 2014 as a Research Fellow in the Fisheries Governance Programme. She is working on a Community-Based Fisheries Management Project being implemented in Kiribati while leading the gender and economics component of the project in Kiribati, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. She has extensive experience working with remote communities to develop and appraise the suitability of natural resource management tools in Australia, Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific. She also teaches during ANCORS short courses on fisheries management and guest lectures in the School of Law and the School of Biological Sciences. 

Research interests:

Human dimensions of natural resources management; Co-Management systems; Governance in social-ecological systems; Marine Spatial Planning; Knowledge management and learning approaches; Participatory approaches to management; Gender issues in natural resources management; Food security; Cultural ecosystem services 

Current research projects:

  • Improving Community-Based Fisheries Management in Pacific Island countries in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, WorldFish and funded by the Australia Centre for International Agricultural Research
  • Marine Spatial Planning in Kiribati in collaboration with CSIRO
  • Food security in Kiribati in collaboration with colleagues from the School of Medicine and the School of Health and Society at the University of Wollongong. 

Potential topics for HDR & Honours Supervision:

  • Governance issues in co-management systems (fisheries, forestry…)
  • Gender issues in fisheries of the South Pacific
  • Human dimensions of natural resource management 

Recent awards and fellowships:

Invited guest speaker at the Global Island Women Network Symposium, 13-14 February 2015, University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa, Japan 

Professional membership:

Society for Conservation Biology

International Association for the Study of the Commons 


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Last reviewed: 27 April, 2016