Dr Débora De FreitasDebora De Freitas

Débora De Freitas is a Research Fellow at the National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security. She is primarily involved with a recent and exciting project entitled ‘The CSIRO Coastal Collaboration Cluster’. The core aim of the Cluster is to identify barriers to uptake of science in coastal zone; generate a clearer model of how researchers can engage more effectively with stakeholders and decision makers; thus enable better science uptake; and ultimately improve management outcomes in coastal zone.

Débora is originally from Brazil where she completed a BSc-honours (2000) and Masters-honours (2003) in Oceanography at the Federal University of Rio Grande, Brazil – with complementary studies in Marine Policy at the Center for the Study of Marine Policy, Delaware/U.S.A. She recently (2010) concluded her PhD in Environmental Studies at James Cook University. Her research interests focus coastal management, ocean resources and marine policy, stakeholders’ engagement natural resources management, systematic conservation planning, and geographic information systems.

Prior to her PhD studies between 2000-2004, Débora was a trainee student in the Coastal Management Laboratory (Brazil), where she developed several academic projects and reports in environmental analysis, planning and management, GIS and remote sensing tools, fisheries ecology, aquaculture site selection, among others. She was also a researcher collaborator in the Estuaries and Coastal Areas Project: Basis and Tools for a more Sustainable Development (ECOSUD Project Brazil).  She has also worked with ichthyoplankton distribution and interaction with biophysical processes between 1995-2000.

In the public sector, Debora has worked for 2 years as Supervisor of the Environment Department of the Rio Grande City Council (Southern Brazil) where, among other local activities, she was the Program Leader of the Shoreline Integrated Management Federal Program, working with ecological, social and economic aspects of integrated coastal management in Rio Grande (Southern Brazil).

Débora is currently involved with collaborative projects in fisheries and coastal management in Australia, Brazil, Africa and the Coral Triangle region.

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