Fisheries Governance

Fisheries Governance

The Fisheries Governance Program studies how we manage human interaction with our marine environment, and develops innovative solutions to manage our activities and impacts. Communication and engagement are key components of our research. Our applied research engages with communities, analyses key problems, and creates new solutions that deliver real outcomes with tangible impacts.

The Fisheries Governance research program utilises the extensive experience and skills of ANCORS staff and action research to develop practical solutions to ongoing fisheries management and development challenges. Our Fisheries Governance program works widely throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, working closely with regional fora, governments and stakeholders. With an extensive track record in applied research and governance and development consultancies, ANCORS has developed a strong regional network and a sophisticated understanding of the practical application of research methodologies in a variety of cultural environments. ANCORS staff and research fellows are engaged as expert advisors and counsels to government agencies, international fora and fisheries stakeholders.

Our program includes expertise in fisheries management, policy and regulation, community consultations and participation, fisheries economics, marine spatial planning, sustainable development, community-based ecosystem approaches to fisheries management; and marine conservation financing. We work on a number of projects focusing on: Community Based approaches to Fisheries Management (CBFM); multi-lateral frameworks for assessing and distributing conservation burdens in trans-boundary fisheries; marine conservation; and integrated ocean management. 

Two examples of current projects include:

Last reviewed: 9 August, 2018