Pio Manoa


Degree Program: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 

PhD Thesis Title: Analysis of the Contributions of Tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organisations to the Development of Contemporary International Law 

Professor Martin Tsamenyi, Professor at ANCORS
Professor Warwick Gullett, Dean of Law and Professor, ANCORS
Professor William Edeson


Pio E Manoa is currently a practising barrister and solicitor in Fiji. He has previously lectured in ocean law and policy at the University of the South Pacific based in Fiji and recently completed two terms as a legal adviser with the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency in the Solomon Islands. He is now a Legal Officer with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Research interests:

Public International Law, Law of the Sea; RFMO/A practice; Archipelagic States practice; Developing States in particular Small Island Developing States 


J. Veitayaki & P. E Manoa, ''Building capacity in the marine sector in the Pacific Islands and the role of The University of the South Pacific'' in M. R. Dakuidreketi & G. Ishwar Lingam (eds), Higher Education and Community Engagement in the Pacific (University of the South Pacific, 2014) 70 - 91. 

P. Manoa & Y. Tomtavala, ''An assessment of marine environmental compliance and enforcement in the Pacific Islands region'' in L. Paddock, D. Qun, L. Kotze, D. L. Markell, K. J. Markowitz & D. Zaelke(ed), Compliance and Enforcement in Environmental Law: Toward More Effective Implementation (Edward Elgar, 2011) 519-534. 

Last reviewed: 11 November, 2016