Dr Julian Roberts

Julian Roberts


Dr Julian Roberts is a senior adviser in the Commonwealth's Ocean Governance and Natural Resources Management Section where he provides advice on planning and management of marine resources to Commonwealth member Governments. He has worked widely across the Commonwealth including in the Pacific and Indian Ocean Regions and the Caribbean Sea.

Dr Roberts was awarded his PhD in International Maritime Policy by the Centre for Maritime Policy in 2006 and also holds a Masters degree in Marine Resource Management from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh. Originally from the UK, he worked in New Zealand for 11 years including five years as the environmental advisor to the New Zealand National Maritime Administration during which time he led the New Zealand delegation to the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee. Prior to joining the Commonwealth Secretariat as a Senior Advisor in 2011, he spent time working as the Environmental Manager for the Austrian Oil Company, OMV, and Project Managing the IUCN gray whale conservation initiative, focussed on exploration and production activities on the Sakhalin Shelf (Russia).
Over the last 20 years Julian has worked on a broad range of marine issues including, coastal zone management, pollution control, dredging and disposal of waste at sea, regulation of ship sourced pollution and vessel routeing, offshore exploration and production, oil spill planning & response and marine spatial planning.

Current Position

Senior adviser in the Commonwealth's Ocean Governance and Natural Resources Management Section

PhD Title

Marine Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation: The Application and Future Development of the IMO's Particularly Sensitive Sea Area Concept 

PhD Supervisors

Professor Martin Tsamenyi, Director Emeritus and Professor at ANCORS

John Morrison

Last reviewed: 9 August, 2018