Vina Ram-Bidesi


Vina obtained her PhD from the Centre for Maritime Policy in 2003 and returned to the University of the South Pacific where she is currently employed as a senior lecturer in the Marine Management Programme of the School of Marine Studies. Her research interests include fisheries economics and management, natural resource policy, coastal management and gender issues in the marine sector. Vina teaches undergraduate and post graduate courses in coastal fisheries management, fisheries and marine resource economics and coastal zone management.

Current Position:

Senior Lecturer & Deputy Head of School of Marine Studies, Faculty of Science Technology and Environment, University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji  

PhD Title:

Domestication of the Tuna Industry in the Pacific Islands. An analysis of National and Regional Strategies  

PhD Supervisors:

Professor Martin Tsamenyi, Director Emeritus and Professor at ANCORS

Professor Alistair McIlgorm, Professor at ANCORS

Selected Publications: 

Ram-Bidesi, V., M. Siamomua-Momoemausu, M. Faletutulu. 2014. Economic Valuation of Mangroves of the Safata District in Samoa. Report for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Samoa and the IUCN-Oceania. 125pp. 

Ram-Bidesi V. 2014. Back to Basics: Women to Promote Marine Stewardship in Small Island Fishing Communities in the Pacific in Y. Fujita, K. Toguchi & S. Karimata (eds.)  New Perspective of Island Areas. International Institute of Okinawan Studies, Fukuokashi, Kyushu University Press: pp. 991-123. (In Japanese)

Ram-Bidesi, V. 2013. Ocean Resources. In: Rapaport, M. (ed.) The Pacific Islands: Environment and Society. Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press, pp. 364-378. 

Ledua, E., S. Petaia, J. Veitayaki, V. Ram-Bidesi & K. Keteca. 2012. An Assessment of the Regional Tuna Fisheries Management Regime: A case study of the Fiji Islands. Report prepared for the Korean Maritime Institute. Korea- South Pacific Fisheries Forum. 163pp. 

Prasad, B., A. Chand, V. Ram-Bidesi & S. Naidu. 2012. Strengthening Opportunities and Linkages for Fishery Downstream, Value added Processing and Trade within and between MSG Members. Report prepared for the Melanesian Spearhead Group Secretariat. 204pp. 

Ram-Bidesi, V., P.N. Lal, and N.Conner 2011. Economics of Coastal Zone Management in the Pacific. Gland, Switzerland: IUCN and Suva, Fiji: IUCN. 88pp. 

Ram-Bidesi, V. 2011. An Economic Assessment of Destructive Fishing Methods in Kiribati: A case study of te ororo fishing in Tarawa. SPC Fisheries Newsletter 135, May/August 2011, pp 21-27. 

Ram-Bidesi, V. 2011.Economics of Pacific Tuna Management. In: Lal, P.N. and Holland, P. Integrating economics into resource and environmental management: some recent experiences  in the Pacific. Gland, Switzerland: IUCN and Suva, Fiji: SOPAC, pp.87-93. 

Ram-Bidesi, V. 2010. Employment Opportunities for Women in the Tuna Industry in Small Islands: is it really restrictive? A case study of Fiji Islands. South Pacific Studies, 31(1) 2010: 17-42

Last reviewed: 21 May, 2015