Dr John Norman Keith MANSELL 

John Mansell


Master Mariner with 35 years seafaring experience, including 20 years in command. Fellow of the Nautical Institute of London. Fifteen years as General Manager, Maritime New Zealand.  Five years as Principal Maritime Advisor to MNZ. New Zealand delegate to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Labour Organization. IMO expert on port, flag and coastal State matters. IMO auditor. Chairman of the Tokyo MOU on port State control. 

Current Position:

Maritime Regulatory Advisor  

PhD Title:

An Analysis of Flag State Responsibility from an Historical Perspective; Delegation or Derogation?  

PhD Supervisors:

Professor Martin Tsamenyi, Director Emeritus and Professor at the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS), University of Wollongong  

Selected Publications: 

Mansell, John N K, Flag State Responsibility – Historical Development and Contemporary issues, Springer, 2009 

Mansell, J N K, Control of Ships in Antarctic Waters – Port State Control where there are no Ports, Proceedings of the Antarctic Treaty Meeting of Experts on the Management of Ship-borne Tourism in the Antarctic Treaty Area, Wellington, New Zealand, December 2009 

Mansell, J N K, Port State Control in the Asia Pacific Region – Issues and Challenges, Australian Journal of Maritime and Ocean Affairs (2009) Vol. 1(3) 

Mansell J & Tsamenyi M, Sovereign and Crown Immunity for Warships? – or acting in a manner consistent with IMO Environmental Conventions, Proceedings, Pacific 2012 International Maritime Conference, January 2012

Last reviewed: 30 March, 2015