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Robert van de Poll

Robert van de Poll, B.Sc. (Earth Sciences), M.Sc.Eng. (Geodesy & Geomatics), is Global Manager Law of the Sea for Fugro Group, one of the world’s largest surveying and engineering companies headquartered in The Netherlands (rvandepoll@fugro.com), and he is also the creator of CARIS LOTS, the leading Law of the Sea and maritime boundary software used by the United Nations and by international courts and tribunals. To date, he has completed 1500+ Law of the Sea projects in 142 of the 162 Countries (Globally) he manages for Fugro Group. This involved working with and advising Governments (Ministers Levels), National Oil Companies (NOC’s) and International Oil Corporations (IOC’s) of every aspect of Law of the Sea (ex. Baselines to Limits to Boundaries to the Extended Continental Shelf (ECS)).

Robert holds an "Honorary Lecturer" position at Dundee University, Dundee Scotland, UK. He is also Geological Director at the new DOLFIN (Dundee Ocean and Lake Frontiers Institute and Neutrals) Institute at Dundee. Robert also holds an "Honorary Fellow" position at the Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security (ANCORS), University of Wollongong, Australia. He is also a "Visiting Fellow" at the IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI), University of Malta, (Msida, Malta) where annually he runs a 2-day LOS Seminar for 40+ Countries (2014-2018). IMLI was established under the International Maritime Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations.

Last reviewed: 9 August, 2018