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Dr Owen Li is an Honorary Research Fellow at ANCORS. He is a social scientist working on science-policy and science-stakeholder interfaces with particular expertise in outreach for behaviour change. Dr Li recently completed a set of problem definition documents for the NSW Centre for Maritime Safety. These documents identified priority safety issues based on boating incident data, evaluated existing campaign materials, and made recommendations for future research and behaviour change program, campaign, and strategy development. During the development of these documents, Dr Li engaged closely with members of the NSW Centre for Maritime Safety, Roads and Maritime, and numerous stakeholder representative groups. He is presently working on a project funded by the NSW Recreational Fishing Trust to identify the communication needs of Mandarin speaking recreational fishers. The surveys will be designed, carried out and analysed in Mandarin.

Dr Li is most interested in applied research informing natural resource management and/or the management of human behaviour. He is a member of two advisory committees for the federal Fisheries Research and Development Corporation: Recreational Fishing Research and the Commonwealth Fisheries Advisory Committee. Over the past seven years, he has cultivated close working relationships with a number of government agencies, and recreational fishing peak bodies and interest groups around Australia.

Last reviewed: 20 June, 2017