Anne-Maree SCHWARZ

AM Schwarz profile

Anne-Maree Schwarz is the Team Leader for the NZAID funded Institutional Strengthening Programme in the Solomon Islands’ Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources and an Honorary senior fellow at ANCORS. Anne-Maree gained a PhD in aquatic ecology from the University of Auckland in 1997. She has worked as a research scientist since that time from New Zealand, Israel and Solomon Islands. Working for WorldFish since 2005, leading the CGIAR Aquatic Agricultural Systems - Solomon Islands Programme from 2012-2015, Anne-Maree has been conducting action research for development in rural Solomon Islands; working with communities, national and international researchers on coastal resource management and governance; and on capacity building activities with Solomon Islands researchers. With more than 50 publications in the primary science literature, her interests lie in participatory research that improves locally relevant sustainable development. 

Selected Publications

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Last reviewed: 24 January, 2018