Caroline Hoisington

Caroline HoisingtonCaroline Hoisington is an agriculture and natural resources economist with extensive and varied experience in both economic development and resources planning. She has done extensive policy analysis work. In recent years, her work has been particularly on environmental issues, natural resource use and conservation planning, particularly working on oceans and forests. She is currently an Honorary Fellow with ANCORS and a Visiting Fellow with SIMS, Sydney Institute of Marine Science.

Her recent publications include "The economic case for marine protected areas" Chapter 15 in Big, Bold and Blue (2016) eds: J. Fitzsimons and G. Wescott, CSIRO. "Our Harbour Our Asset," C. Hoisington, Sydney Institute of Marine Science (2015) a paper on quantifying indicators of the economic value of Sydney Harbour, was published in 2015. She was the Marine Economy Fellow with the Centre for Policy Development (CPD) for two years. Between 2011 and 2014, she authored or co-authored 6 papers on Australia's marine estate and particularly the worth of marine protected areas for CPD. In 2010 she wrote 'Rough trade: How Australia’s trade policies contribute to illegal logging in the Pacific Region,' published by The Australia Institute. Before moving to Australia in 2008, Hoisington's focus was agricultural development, natural resources management and poverty alleviation. She worked in 25+ countries with the World Bank and other international development organisations, as well as bilateral aid and NGOs. She has been team leader, author, keynote speaker and teacher as well as project economist and policy analyst.

Last reviewed: 7 July, 2016