Research Degrees

ANCORS Supervisors and Research Interests

Lowell Bautista_smallLowell BAUTISTA
Lecturer, School of Law

  • Territorial and maritime boundary issues in the Asia-Pacific
  • Philippine maritime and territorial issues
  • Maritime piracy and terrorism
  • International humanitarian law
  • Underwater cultural heritage
  • International environmental law

Aurélie Delisle _small Aurélie DELISLE
Research Fellow

  • Governance issues in co-management systems (fisheries, forestry…)
  • Gender issues in fisheries of the South Pacific
  • Human dimensions of natural resource management

Warwick Gullett_small

Professor, School of Law

  • Law of the Sea
  • International Fisheries Law
  • Australian fisheries law and marine planning

Quentin HANICH _smallQuentin HANICH
Associate Professor and Fisheries Governance Program Leader

  • Transboundary Fisheries Governance
  • Climate Change impacts on Fisheries and Coastal Communities
  • Community Based Approaches to Fisheries Management
  • Equity and Fairness in Transboundary Natural Resource Management and Allocation
  • Marine Conservation
  • Marine Spatial Planning
  • Fisheries Monitoring, Control and Surveillance

Stuart Kaye_smallStuart KAYE
ANCORS Director and Professor

  • Law of the sea
  • International humanitarian law
  • International environmental law
  • Australian constitutional law

Richard Kenchington_smallRichard KENCHINGTON

  • Coastal and marine ecosystem management
  • Transdisciplinary knowledge sharing for monitoring, reporting and community engagement
  • Capacity building for planning and sustainable management

Alistair MCILGORM_smallAlistair MCILGORM
Professor and Capacity Development Leader

  • Fisheries economics
  • Blue economy
  • Recreational fishing economics
  • Fisheries management

Anthony MORRISON_smallAnthony MORRISON
Research Fellow

  • Law of the Sea
  • Marine environmental law
  • Maritime security
  • Legal regulation of shipping and ports
  • Marine insurance
  • Commercial maritime law

Chris RAHMAN_smallChris RAHMAN
Senior Research Fellow

  • Strategic studies
  • International security

Greg Rose_small

Gregory ROSE
Professor, School of Law

  • International laws relating to the environment, ocean or crime

Clive SCHOFIELD_small

Professor and Director of Research; Challenge Lead, UOW Global Challenges Program

  • Maritime boundary delimitation
  • Maritime disputes
  • Technical issues in the law of the sea

Martin TSAMENYI, AM_small


  • Fisheries law
  • Fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance
  • Shipping law
  • Marine environmental law
  • Ocean policy

Robin WARNER_small


  • Law of the Sea
  • Marine environmental law
  • Oceans governance
  • Maritime regulation and enforcement
  • Biodiversity conservation in marine areas beyond national jurisdiction
  • Climate change and the oceans


Last reviewed: 9 August, 2018