ANCORS Research Students 

Ghana FlagGodfred Ameyaw ASIEDU
PhD title: Emerging Conflicts and Complexities of Marine and Coastal Fisheries Governance in a New Oil Producing Country, Ghana: Management, Institutional Arrangements and Policy Making

Australian FlagKamal AZMI
PhD title: The Design of Multilateral Fishing Rights 

Australian FlagNeil BAIRD
PhD Title: Passenger Vessel Accidents - Why They are so Frequent and Deadly and How their Frequency and Deadliness could be Reduced

Indonesia FlagLeonardo BERNARD
PhD Title: Exploring the Relationship between the Exclusive Economic Zone and the Continental Shelf

Alexandra BirchlerSwitzerland Flag
PhD Title: International Disaster Law – The Responsibility of States Before and in the Aftermath of a Disaster

Australian Flag

PhD title: Coastal Management: Are Legal Instruments, Processes and Decisions taking into Account the Triple Bottom Line? 

Taiwan FlagHuey-Shian (Elly) CHUNG
PhD title: Environmental Justice and Marine Protected Areas: Developing a Model of Environmental Justice-based MPAs

Australian FlagRuth DAVIS
PhD title: Has the ICRW outlived its Usefulness? An Analysis of International Law Concerning Cetaceans in Light of Modern International Environmental Law 

Australian Flag

PhD title: Marine Environmental Impact Assessment: Considering cumulative and synergistic impacts within the Australian legal framework

Australian Flag

PhD title: Capability Requirements for Conventional Submarine Operations from Australia 

PhD title: Marine Genetic Resources in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction: Meeting Challenges for Global Governance

Australian Flag

Constance JOHNSON
PhD title: Challenges and solutions for the effective governance and regulation of the Southern Oceans areas beyond national jurisdiction

Australian Flag

Justin JONES
PhD title: Australian Defence Policy, Maritime Strategy and the Indian Ocean in the 21st Century 

Indonesia Flag

Wirawan Kartono
PhD title:The Role of Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) in Securing the Sea

PhD title: The Principle of Compatibility: its application within the WCPFC and management of the world’s largest tuna fishery 

Trinidad and Tobago FlagRobert Ulric LEE
PhD title: Building Back Better fishing communities after natural disasters  

Taiwan FlagYu-Ting (Tiff) LIN
MMS-R title: The Essence of Taiwan (Republic of China)'s South China Sea Claim: Legal Analysis and State Policy Overview

France Flag

PhD title: Defining and Mapping Valuable and Sensitive Marine Environments in the South China Sea

Fiji Flag

PhD title: An Analysis of the Contributions of Tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organisations to the Development of Contemporary International Law 

Indonesia Flag

PhD title: Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing as Transnational Organized Crime: Perspectives of Legal, Policy and Institution of Indonesia

Australian Flag

Genevieve QUIRK
PhD title: Do Pacific Island Countries and Territories use the environmental duty for spatial marine biodiversity protection to strengthen their sovereign rights over marine natural resources in Oceania

USA Flag

Lora L. Nordtvedt REEVE
PhD title: To Take Arms against a Sea of Troubles: A Fresh Approach to the International Management of Anthropogenic Underwater Noise Pollution in Marine Areas beyond National Jurisdiction

India FlagShishir UPADHYAYA
PhD title: Maritime Security Cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region: Role of the Indian Navy 

Australian Flag

Candice VISSER
PhD title: The Intersection of Legal Regimes at the Edge of the Continental Shelf 

China Flag

Dazhen (Daisy) ZHANG
PhD title: Strengthening the Regulatory Framework for Marine Environmental Protection of Chinese Islands 

Last reviewed: 23 February, 2017