Maritime Strategy and Security


The ANCORS research program in Maritime Strategy and Security represents in its totality a coordinated and multifaceted set of research projects. It recognizes the need for multidisciplinary research on the importance of protecting maritime rights and interests against a growing and diverse range of threats and challenges, and develops strategy, policy and legal solutions to improve the security of throughout the maritime environment. Secondly, the research investigates ways in which Australia , as an island state with extensive maritime zones, can utilize its maritime environment and other maritime factors to enhance its wider national interests in the Asia-Pacific regional, and wider international, contexts.

Each of the five areas of research focus set out in the diagram below comprises a comprehensive range of individual research topics. The projects link considerations of policy, strategy and strategic history, geography and technology with the oceanic environment to form an integrated programme of research in maritime strategy and security.

The Technology-Maritime Security Nexus involves the key project of the ANCORS Vessel Tracking Initiative.

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Last reviewed: 19 March, 2015